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Ipswich iGO Freight Action Plan


Ipswich City Council




Ipswich, Queensland





PSA Consulting was engaged by Ipswich City Council to develop the iGO Freight Action Plan, one of the major components of the City of Ipswich Transport Plan, branded as iGO, which was developed by Council in 2016. iGO serves the purpose of being ICC’s masterplan for the City’s transport future and outlines Council’s aspirations to advance the city’s transport network to accommodate a growing population.

PSA developed the Freight Action Plan in several stages consisting of Stakeholder Engagement, Identification of Issues and Opportunities, Economic Analysis, and Strategy Development.

The iGO Freight Action Plan included ongoing, short- and long-term actions. In addition to the timeframe for implementation, each action’s alignment with each of the three overarching freight policy items as identified in iGO was noted. In order to measure the effectiveness of the objectives of the iGO Freight Action Plan, several targets were devised which link directly back to the desired objectives.

Successful implementation of the actions will enable the targets to be met. Targets were devised to be easily measurable using data that is already being collected by either ICC or TMR.

View the Ipswich iGO Freight Action Plan here.

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