Our projects

Practical. Creative. Smart.

You need a partner who thinks outside the box, with a deep understanding of your scope of work. Because PSA Consulting works across disciplines and at all stages of land use, transport and infrastructure planning and traffic engineering, we can foresee the true impact of our plans and recommendations.

Our team actively guides you towards the right solution (not just feed back what you’ve given to us) to add real value throughout our process.

What we do differently

Seek to understand

Helping you clearly define what you actually want to achieve

Advice you can use

Applying expertise to give insightful and practical advice

Clear about reality

Providing frank feedback to resolve problems and meet expectations

Collaborative approach

Working with you to support (and challenge)
your ideas

Hear from our clients

“PSA doesn’t just produce whatever the client wants.  They take the time to understand what the client needs and make sure they’re delivering to that.”

Executive Director

State Government

“PSA doesn’t do the stock standard approach to planning. It’s always, ‘Did you think about this?’ or, ‘We could do this as a value add.’ They never recite your brief back to you.”

Catherine Rollo

Local Government Executive

“As professionals, PSA are amazing and always provide quality reporting – assisting our applications to Council. We’ve worked with them for a long time and can’t see that changing.”

Shane Talty, Associate Director at

JFP Urban Consultants

“Our project was meant to finish within a certain timeframe. Of course, being government, it did not. PSA was understanding about that. They were flexible and willing to work with us.”

Department of State Development

Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

“PSA are always willing to investigate things with urgency. I can speak to them, for example, on a Wednesday, send them documents on the same day, and by Thursday we’ll have a response.”

Kerie Innes, Coordination Manager

at AGL Energy

“From engineering, policy, and approval perspectives, PSA are incredibly knowledgeable. They’re able to explain concepts to people without technical backgrounds in a way they understand.”

Monash University

“PSA has helped us to resolve some extremely complex issues. I hate to admit it, but when something is too hard for us, I hand it to PSA.”

Lachlan Bird, Operations Director

at Archerfield Airport

“PSA always goes the extra mile. They’re very professional. While the work has been tough, PSA has made the strategic process as streamlined as possible.”

Strategic Environmental Planning

Kempsey Shire Council