PSA Development Planning

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PSA Consulting provides town planning, due diligence, project management and approval facilitation services to the private developers across Australia.  We work in partnership with our clients to assemble the DA along with all supporting studies in order to obtain all necessary development and regulatory approvals for delivery of their projects.

Our development planning team has consulting experience on a broad spectrum of development projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia including:

  • Master Planned Communities
  • Greenfield Residential Estates
  • Multi-Unit and High Density Residential
  • Commercial, Retail and Mixed Use
  • Retirement Communities and Aged Care Facilities
  • Large Scale Industrial Developments
  • Intensive Agriculture and Rural Industries

Our strengths include our long term relationships with clients, the provision of accurate town planning advice, a proven ability to negotiate positive outcomes with Regulatory Authorities and the timely delivery of project approvals.


Strategic Objectives and Planning Scheme Directions Documents – North Western (Cradle Coast), Northern and Southern Tasmania Regions

PSA Consulting was engaged by the Tasmanian Planning Commission to assist in the development of consistent regional planning documents which were prepared as Strategic Objectives and Planning Scheme Directions Documents for the North Western (Cradle Coast), Northern and Southern Tasmania regions.  They outlined the core land use and infrastructure policies for each region and introduced a level of State wide consistency in terms of the core elements being addressed.  The documents will be utilised by the Tasmanian Planning Commission in further progressing regional planning practice in Tasmania.


Review of Tasmanian Regional Land Use Strategies – North Western (Cradle Coast), Northern and Southern Tasmania Regions

PSA Consulting was engaged by the Tasmanian Planning Commission to undertake a comprehensive review of proposed Regional Land Use Strategies for each of the regions within Tasmania.  The comprehensive process involved the establishment of best practice criteria, the review of the three draft strategies in consultation with each of the three regions and the preparation of detailed reports outlining the findings of those reviews.  The reviews completed by PSA Consulting were utilised to inform the Minister in the process of declaring the three Regional Land Use Strategies for the North Western (Cradle Coast ), Northern and Southern regions.


Review Flood Provisions – Queensland Planning Schemes & State Planning Policy 1/03: Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Flood, Bushfire and Landslide

PSA Consulting has been engaged by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (Qld RA) and the Department of Local Government and Planning (DLGP) to conduct an audit of the current flood related provisions contained within all current Queensland planning schemes. The planning schemes represent the statutory instruments that are currently in force and effect within the Local Government Areas during the flooding events of 2010/11.  Inparticular,  the review identifies, collates and analyses the provisions of the Queensland Planning Schemes to develop a comprehensive understanding of their intent, design and standards as they apply to the assessment of ,development in the flood plain; and filling within the flood plain.


North Stradbroke Island – Planning and Native Title

PSA Consulting is providing planning advice and project support to Redland City Council in the progression and development of policy framework and project planning in response to the native title determination on North Stradbroke Island June 2011.  The determination is supported by Indigenous Land Use Agreements and details a planning process to consider and implement key concepts and commitments for the traditional owners.


Central Highlands Housing Needs Assessment

PSA Consulting partnered Foresight Partners to prepare a Housing Needs Assessment forthe Central Highlands Regional Council.  This planning study was required to comply with the outcomes sought by SPP 1/07 Housing and Residential Development.  To complete this project PSA Consulting undertook a planning scheme analysis which sought to identify opportunities and barriers to the delivery of housing stock required to meet future demand.  This  planning assessment included a technical review of planning scheme provisions as well as a physical investigations of all towns and villages in the Central Highlands to determine their suitability to accommodate additional housing.   These investigations also included a review of contemporary planning practices and instruments that could be drawn upon as potential policy solutions that could be integrated into the new QPP Scheme.


Cloncurry DA Services

cloncurry DAPSA consulting are currently engaged by Cloncurry Shire Council to undertake the assessment of Development Applications (DA) lodged with the Council. The PSA engagement includes the production of reports and correspondence that is needed to fulfil Council’s obligation to comply with the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA), and particularly to meet the timeframes and requirements of the different stages of the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS).  PSA staff work in collaboration with Cloncurry Shire Council’s development assessment officers, the Cloncurry Shire Council, State referral agencies, the applicants and other consultants to deliver a rigorous assessment of each application.  PSA have assessed a wide variety of DA’s ranging from Rural Residential 1 onto 2 lot subdivisions through to material change of use applications for industrial and quarrying activities. PSA Consulting have also actively managed and resolved appeals on behalf of Council.


Narangba East Local Development Area Plan

Narangba East LDAPPSA Consulting has been commissioned by Moreton Bay Regional Council to develop the Narangba East Local Development Area Plan (NELDAP).  Once finalised, NELDAP will ensure a co-ordinated approach to the protection of the green space network, the development of residential and commercial areas and the delivery of infrastructure and services.

The Narangba East Study Area is located towards the northern part of Moreton Bay Regional Council approximately 10 kilometres south of the Caboolture/Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre and about 35 kilometres to the north of the Brisbane Central Business District. It comprises an area of approximately 800 hectares extending three kilometres east to west and four kilometres north to south. It is almost wholly located between the main northern railway line to the west and the Bruce Highway to the east. A preliminary assessment of the gross development potential of the study area is that the area may accommodate approximately 12,000 people and 1000 jobs. One of the major tasks for this development plan process will be to identify a preferred comprehensive plan of development for this area having particular regard to the dwelling targets of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031. The preferred plan of development will form the basis of detailed infrastructure strategies to support future development of the area.


Greenfield Urban Development Areas (UDAs) Development Schemes

Greenfield UDAsPSA Consulting has been engaged by ENERGEX to provide assistance with input into the four Greenfield Urban Development Areas (UDA’s) of Greater Flagstone, Yarrabilba, Ripley Valley and Caloundra South.  Under the Urban Land Development Authority Act 2007, a development scheme is required to be prepared for each UDA.  It will be important for ENERGEX that the new development schemes achieve the following:

  • Cater for new major electricity infrastructure
  • Continue to provide exemptions to ENERGEX currently under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 for installations less than 66kV
  • Clarify the role ENERGEX will play in the new development schemes
  • Cater for high voltage powerlines with easements and suitable buffers through the developments
  • Cater for new zone substations within the developments

The engagement of PSA Consulting will ensure ENERGEX has professional advice on how best to ensure that the satisfactory provision of electricity infrastructure is made through each of the Greenfield Urban Development Areas within the development schemes.


Cloncurry Load-Out Facility

cloncurry load outPSA Consulting has been engaged by Cloncurry Shire Council to review proposed load out facility locations and provide a comparative assessment with respect to the State and Local planning requirements.

The proposed Cloncurry Load Out Facility was considered necessary due the logistic requirements of the Shire’s significant mining and extractive industries.  The Load Out Facility will service numerous mines within the region and will be serviced by many heavy vehicle movements each day.


Redland City Council- Bunker Road & Kinross Road Structure Plans

Redland structure plansPSA Consulting has been engaged by Redlands City Council to support the preparation of a Structure Plan for the Bunker Road Emerging Urban Community.  This work is greatly influenced by the need to protect the area’s high environmental values.  PSA Consulting is required to assist in the development of an appropriate environmental planning strategy and supportive land use plan for this important area of high value koala habitat.  This engagement involves environmental and land use analysis and the drafting of planning scheme amendments, codes and planning reports for submission to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning for 1st State interest review. 

PSA Consulting has also been engaged by Redlands City Council to support the preparation of a Structure Plan for the Kinross Road declared Master Planned Area.  This engagement involves land use analysis and the drafting of planning scheme amendments, codes, planning reports and consultation materials.  This work is primarily geared to support the delivery of the structure plan for 1st State interest review and public notification stages.


Surat Basin Industrial Land Study

surat basinPSA Consulting was engaged in 2010 by the Department of Infrastructure and Planning to investigate industrial land requirements across the region, which is experiencing exponential growth in energy resources sector. This project involved conducting a regional economic and land use analysis as well as the development and application of land demand forecasting models. This formed the basis of a range of regional scale strategic land release strategies to support ongoing expansion of the energy resource sector in the Surat Basin.


Sunshine Coast Structure Plans

sunshine coast structure planPSA Consulting was engaged by Growth Management Queensland (part of Department of Infrastructure and Planning), to conduct a review of the Structure Plans prepared by Sunshine Coast Regional Council for the declared Master Planned Areas of Palmview, Maroochydore Principal Activity Centre and Caloundra South.  The reviews sought to identify ways in which the Structure Plans could be amended to provide for the more timely and efficient supply of affordable housing and the delivery of land to the market sooner, as provided for by the South East Queensland Greenfield Land Supply Review 2008.  A fourth report was prepared identifying future efficiencies to be achieved through the Structure Plan process for declared MPA’s generally, which included a recommendation for the development of guidelines for the preparation of Structure Plans.


Gladstone Retail and Commercial Strategy

gladstone retail strategyPSA Consulting worked in conjunction with Foresight Partners Pty Ltd to deliver the Gladstone Retail and Commercial Strategy on behalf of Gladstone Regional Council.  The primary goals of the development of a retail and commercial strategy for the Gladstone Region are to establish a clear centre hierarchy strategy and to prepare codes suitable for use in the new scheme for the Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) area.

The Gladstone Regional Council has identified six key outcomes of the project:

  1. Preparation of a retail centres hierarchy for the GRC area;
  2. Projection of floor space needs over time to 2031 for food, non–food personal, bulky goods and commercial uses and their preferred spatial distribution;
  3. Identification of the preferred size and location of any new centres or significantly expanded existing centres;
  4. Identification of excess capacity in existing zonings and where necessary recommendations of appropriate zoning changes;
  5. Preparation of draft zone codes compliant with any standard planning scheme provisions made under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009; and
  6. Formation of guidelines for shopping centre developments to achieve community and social interaction goals.

PSA Consulting prepared the draft zone codes and the formation of guidelines for shopping centre developments to achieve community and social interaction goals as part of this project, which will go on to inform the preparation of the new Gladstone Planning Scheme.


Ipswich Planning Scheme- Public Health & Environmental Protection

Ipswich_City_CouncilPSA Consulting were engaged by Ipswich City Council to undertake a review of how public health and environmental protection issues and how these can be more effectively addressed within the Ipswich Planning Scheme.  The purpose of this project was to confirm the opportunities to impact on public health and environmental protection issues via the Ipswich Planning Scheme and other planning documents and to provide an action plan for incorporating prevention and/or regulation of these issues into the scheme (including examples of tools). 

The project included consultation with relevant stakeholders, including State government departments and Ipswich City Council Officers.   The project looked at best practice examples and provided an action plan which outlined innovative measures for improving the way that public health and environmental protection issues are addressed in the Ipswich Planning Scheme and supporting documents.


Greater Flagstone Structure Plan

greater flagstoneThe Greater Flagstone area represents one of South East Queensland’s largest development fronts and is a declared Urban Development Area (UDA). Located just west of Jimboomba and straddled by the interstate railway, Greater Flagstone will eventually be the home to more than 120,000 people.

PSA Consulting was engaged by Logan City Council to undertake the structure planning for Greater Flagstone. The structure plan will guide the development of this vast city integrating new residential communities and enterprise and the protection and enhancement of regional environmental values.

The structure plan was developed in close consultation with stakeholders including developers, agencies and the local community.


Logan Planning Scheme Review

logan planning scheme reviewPSA Consulting was appointed by Logan City Council to oversee policy development for the new Logan Planning Scheme. The Planning Scheme will be the key document in resolving policy differences from the amalgamated planning schemes of Logan, Gold Coast and Beaudesert Councils. Further, it will provide the leading policy framework in responding to the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031.

PSA Consulting recognises that innovative and integrated policy development processes are central to the preparation of an effective scheme that integrates three planning frameworks and will be the statutory plan guiding development in Logan over the next 10 to 15 years.


SEQ Regional Plan Review 2009-2031

SEQ regional planThe South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009 – 2031 released in July 2009 provides a comprehensive policy and program framework planning for smart growth to manage issues including population growth, challenges of traffic congestion, housing affordability and climate change.

PSA Consulting was commissioned to provide leadership and high order planning and project management skills for the finalisation of the Plan. Under the leadership of PSA Consulting Director Malcolm Griffin, finalisation included undertaking the release of the draft SEQRP 2009 – 2031, stakeholder and community consultation, submission analysis and response.


Logan Parks Strategy 2009

stockxpertcom_id28479781_jpg_679effb7cc81e1f3b06c119f9463965ePSA Consulting was engaged by Logan City Council to undertake a major review of the Logan Parks Strategy. The new strategy integrates existing sport and recreation park standards from Logan City, Gold Coast City and the former Beaudesert Shire that are now included within the new Logan City boundaries. The Parks Strategy seeks to address the challenges of inheriting different levels of service and different community and stakeholders expectations from the three amalgamated Councils and will inform both the new Logan Planning Scheme and the Priority Infrastructure Plan/Infrastructure Charging Schedule.


Yatala Industrial Land & Economic Study

yatala industrial land study

The Yatala Industrial Demand and Economic Development Study (YILDEDS) was undertaken by PSA Consulting for Gold Coast City Council. It included a comprehensive analysis of future demand and supply of industrial land within the Yatala Enterprise Area (YEA). The YILDEDS provides Gold Coast City Council with a framework to prioritise future business demands on the YEA and allows Council to focus its efforts on attracting those industries and businesses considered more appropriate for inclusion in the YEA.


Park Ridge Structure Plan

park ridge structure plan

PSA Consulting was engaged by Logan City Council to prepare the Park Ridge Structure Plan. The plan provides a framework to accommodate 30,000 new residents across the 2500ha area over the next 20 years. A major challenge for the structure plan is to retrofit a contemporary, well-planned city over existing rural residential properties while integrating new residential communities, with the proposed 650ha Park Ridge enterprise area and an extensive open space network. The orderly sequencing of development will be important to limit Council’s exposure to major infrastructure spending on multiple fronts. In addition to the land use and infrastructure planning, PSA Consulting also coordinated the community consultation.


Growth Management Core Matters

reviewing plans

PSA Consulting was commissioned by Logan City Council to prepare a Growth Management Strategy (GMCM) – the pre-eminent strategic document for Logan while the new Planning Scheme is being prepared. The document has also shaped the State Government’s policy in the review of the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031.

The GMCM provides an integrated strategic framework which draws together key elements in the strategic documents of the former Beaudesert Shire, Logan City and Gold Coast City.

This challenging project was completed over four months by PSA Consulting and Council staff. It required exceptional knowledge and skills in regional planning, planning and infrastructure issue analysis and integrated policy development, as three disparate strategic frameworks were analysed and synthesised into a coherent strategic framework.


Local Growth Management Strategy


PSA Consulting played an important role in reviewing and refining the draft Local Growth Management Strategy for the Gold Coast City Council. This document identifies the Gold Coast’s development over the next 20 years achieving dwelling targets and other key urban development policies in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005-2026 (SEQ Regional Plan). The strategy forms an intermediate planning step between the high level policies, targets and spatial directions of the SEQ Regional Plan and detailed planning schemes such as the Gold Coast City Planning Scheme. The LGMS provides guidance in setting strategies to be achieved by the urban development objectives of the SEQ Regional Plan.


Logan City Growth Management Strategy

LCCPSA Consulting worked with Logan City Council to develop its Growth Management Strategy – a strategic planning document which translates the broad policies of the SEQ Regional Plan to specific actions at a local level. The LGMS provides Logan with detailed policies for housing, employment, centres, transit oriented development, open space, transport and infrastructure.


Review of Whole of Shire Planning Project

Review of WOSPPPSA Consulting was engaged by the former Beaudesert Shire Council to peer review the land use and infrastructure studies undertaken as part of the Whole of Shire Planning Project.


Cleveland Town Centre Master Plan


The Cleveland Centre Master Plan provides a guide to stimulate and facilitate the detailed development of the Cleveland Town Centre.

PSA Consulting developed design solutions for ‘catalyst sites’ in Cleveland CBD (key parcels of land held in either Council or private ownership). An integrated approach to developing the centre was also provided by setting design outcomes and priorities for these key sites. The design solutions provided guidance to Council and key stakeholders on how the overall concept for the Cleveland Town Centre would be realised.

The Master Plan development was drawn from several objectives outlined in the draft Local Growth Management Strategy and the SEQ Regional Plan relating to economic growth, infrastructure efficiency, improved transit and accessibility, service delivery and residential growth.


Mount Lindesay North Beaudesert Investigation Area

mt lindesay north

PSA Consulting was engaged by the former Office of Urban Management to project manage the Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Investigation Area study as detailed in the SEQ Regional Plan. As an outcome of the study, PSA Consulting established a framework to guide the future development of the area.


Sunshine Coast Enterprise Needs Investigation & Bridges

Bridges March 2006 180

PSA Consulting was engaged by the former Office of Urban Management to work with the local community on this controversial project. The Sunshine Coast Enterprise Needs Investigation and Bridges Investigation (SCENIB) provided a detailed investigation into the need for future industrial land across the Sunshine Coast and the suitability of the 366 hectare Bridges site just north of Yandina for enterprise.


Gympie to Toolara Forest 33kV Feeder Upgrade Study

gympie to toolara forestPSA Consulting has been engaged by ENERGEX to undertake a Corridor Selection Report and Business Case for the upgrade of a 33kV power feeder from Gympie to Toolara Forest. The investigation involves extensive GIS mapping and analysis of potential corridor options and agency consultation to ensure the upgrade is undertaken with the least possible impact on the natural environment, residential communities, the North Coast Railway Line and the proposed Gympie Bypass. A multi criteria analysis is to be undertaken with input from various internal ENERGEX staff in order to identify the preferred alignment for each link of the feeder.


North West Minerals Project


PSA Consulting has been engaged by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) Industrial Land Analysis and Planning Branch to undertake an audit of industrial land supply and industry sector representation in the North West Queensland Councils of Mt Isa, Cloncurry and McKinaly.  This project will provide valuable land supply and industry mix data for DEEDI as a basis of further planning investigations.


Sunrise Hills to Pacific Paradise Proposed 132 kV Corridor Study

ENERGEX 2008 278PSA Consulting was engaged by ENERGEX to identify potential corridors for a new 132kV high voltage power line from Sunrise Hills to Pacific Paradise on the Sunshine Coast. Several options were identified for the 24 km link as well as potential sites for a new sub-station site at West Coolum. The investigation included extensive mapping and CAD work to ensure the new alignment minimised the impacts on residential communities and the environment (including the Noosa and Coolum National Parks) as well as the Maroochy Airport expansion and the proposed Sunshine Motorway duplication. A multi-criteria analysis was also undertaken to identify the optimum alignment for each link of the power line.

PSA Consulting has been engaged by ENERGEX to investigate in more detail the Sunrise Hills to Peregian North section and to prepare a business case for the proposed new power line.


Pacific Motorway Transit Project

pacific motorwayPSA Consulting project managed the planning of the Pacific Motorway Transit Project which extends from Gateway Motorway to Logan Motorway. The project considered options to reduce local traffic and commuter demand to cater for the growth in freight up the eastern seaboard and to reduce congestion and trip reliability for high occupancy vehicles using the Pacific Motorway. The transit project proposes several sustainable transport alternatives including public transport, car-pooling and cycling. These strategies are reinforced through the provision of new T2 lanes, bus lanes and a new V1 bikeway.


Ted Smout Bridge (Houghton Highway Duplication)

Hournibrook 011The Houghton Highway delivers major economic, environmental and social benefits to the local peninsular communities. PSA Consulting was engaged to project manage the planning for a new 2.1 kilometre bridge between Brisbane and Redcliffe. The project includes transit lanes, upgraded pedestrian and cycle access and environmentally sensitive design.


Berth 11 & 12

berth 11 and 12PSA Consulting facilitated the tender evaluation process for Berths 11 and 12 for the Port of Brisbane Corporation.